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PAGEONE Group CEO Wins Thought Leader Of The Year Award In APAC

The multi-awarded Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PAGEONE Group wins another international award recognizing him for his exemplary work in public relations and reputation management.

Ron F. Jabal, APR, won a Bronze award and was adjudged one of the Thought Leaders of the Year for Asia Pacific in the 2023 APAC Stevie Awards.

The Though Leader of the Year award recognizes the innovative achievements of individuals who have demonstrated excellence in thought leadership in Asia Pacific.

Based on the comments of the judges, Mr. Jabal is being recognized as an excellent example of thought leader as he spearheads other powerful executives and helps steward organizations and brands in shaping people’s behavior towards positive change.

A jury panel member commended him for his expertise in communication, public relations, and reputation management. “With numerous accolades, extensive experience, and advisory roles in prestigious organizations, Ron is a sought-after expert. Ron’s influence is evident across multiple sectors with regular contributions to leading newspapers, founder of the Reputation Management Association of the Philippines, and an advisor for governmental and educational institutions,” one judged stressed.

Another judge wrote, “He is a well-known and respected thought leader in the public relations industry, not only in the Philippines but also throughout Southeast Asia. His extensive experience in providing communication advice to multi-million dollar projects for various international organizations, as well as his numerous awards from various award-giving bodies, attest to his expertise and leadership. Keep up the good job”.

In receiving the news of this recognition, Mr. Jabal said, “I am truly honored by this recognition. But this will not happen without the collective support of my team in PAGEONE Group and all our clients and supporters. Rest assured that I will continue to promote the scholarship and practice of good reputation management and principles,”.

Throughout his three decades of PR experience, Ron has already received awards and recognition in London, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines for his body of PR works. As an international communications executive, he has been awarded with more than 200 metals from local and international award giving bodies.

In 2013, Ron was awarded the Global Communicator of the Year in UK, London by Melcrum Awards. In 2020, he was recognized as People of The Year (Communicator of the Year) in the Golden Flag Awards in Beijing, China, for his body of international work in communication, advocacy, public relations, marketing, advertising and branding. In 2021, he was recognized as Best PR Practitioner in Southeast Asia during the 3rd ASEAN PR Excellence Awards in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2022, he was adjudged Most Innovative Communications Professional for Asia Pacific by the Stevie Awards in Singapore.


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